Subaccounts – creating and management

Last Updated: 30 Jan 2020

One of the most important functionalities available for agency plans is the ability to create and manage subaccounts. Thanks to this you will create user accounts and give them appropriate permissions.

How to create a subaccount?

1. In the top panel, go to the drop-down menu, then select the Subaccounts tab.


2. On the new page, click the Create subaccount button.


3. Complete the fields in the Add new account form. You must complete in order:

  1. The name of the subaccount;
  2. Email of the user who will have access to the subaccount;
  3. Select the subaccount language;
  4. Give the password to access the subaccount;
  5. Repeat the password given previously;
  6. Select subaccount time zone (read more about this here);
  7. Decide if you allow the user to use the editor.

Then click Add.


4. You will see the account you created earlier in the list in the Subaccounts tab.

How to manage a subaccount?

1. In the Subaccounts tab you can check basic account information (1), log in to it (2), edit password and user access (3) and delete it (4).


2. In the Adminis tab you can add new admins.


3. In the Users tab you can add new users who will have an access to the selected subaccounts.


4. To set or change the address of the sender of notifications, go to the Settings tab, then enter the new e-mail address in the Notification sender address field and click Change Email.


Here you can learn more about:

1. Types of users in the Landing platform – what users are distinguished in the platform and what are their rights.
2. User management – how to create individual types of users.

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