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Tips ready to use for landing pages with upcoming products
Coming Soon 2

Counting hours

Embed a count down widget onto your landing page to show how much time has left until the start and catch the visitors’ attention.

Coming soon form

Catch you later

Let the interested viewers sign up to a mailing list to receive a notification when the product is available. This way, you’ll both verify if the product got anyone’s interest, and if so, grow your subscribers list.

Coming Soon benefits

First to know

If you enable pre-orders, make sure to point out the benefits of signing up to the mailing list for the interested viewers. How are you going to reward the ones who decide to buy first?

The best templates for a pre launch landing page

Education LP
Education popup
Education mobile page
Education webinar LP
Education webinar popup
Education webinar mobile
Webinar education LP
webinar education popup
Webinar education mobile
Financial webinar LP
Financial webinar popup
Financial webinar mobile page

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