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Healthcare Landing Page – how to create the best one

November 28, 2019 Karolina Niegłos 11 min read
Karolina Niegłos

Do you know anyone who hasn’t searched the Internet for a solution to a health issue or medical problem ever? It’s a rhetorical question, of course. Online searching became the first aid of our times. More than 60% of Internet users treats googling as an instant help. That is why those who are involved in the healthcare business, cannot simply ignore the fact that digital presence is a powerful player and its weapon can be a high converting landing page.

What kind of medical information users are looking for?

Most people, about 60%, search for information about a particular disease, treatment or procedure. Less than 50% of internet users look for a particular doctor or other professional. 36% of users want to get contact information of a hospital or another medical institution. Not much less than the previous group, around 33% of searchers want to learn details about their health insurance options.

5 tips for a healthcare landing page that converts

1. Mobility in all joints

As we all are a mobile society now, we should think “mobile-first” when it comes to supplying information about our business and professional services. Nowadays, mobile-friendly website is a must have to keep your business alive. If you stick to Responsive Web Design (RWD) – an approach of creating websites with an ability to adapt to any screen, device or browser – you will meet the mobile society expectations.


2. Copy as a cure

When it comes to providing medical information, people are quite demanding. Meeting their expectations isn’t a walk in the park, because to do so, you need to know your audience well. Luckily, there are some general good practices to follow.

Try to avoid writing overload. It might be hard because you’d like to give your “patients” all the information needed. But remember, that your goal is not to write an Encyclopedia. Your healthcare landing page should serve as a lead capturing tool. That is why you should try to sift the copy to draw attention. It must be catchy, attractive, relevant and entice users to go deeper.

3. Content overdose

Follow the trends of minimalism and tidy healthcare landing page design. Highlight the most relevant elements. If something doesn’t lead to the point of your healthcare landing page, it means it is probably unnecessary. All content must be user-focused and tell a story about what your business is up to.

4. Side effects elimination

Your healthcare landing page should include clear and visible CTA – a short sentence or a catchy word on a button that ends the deal. CTA copy’s role is to convince visitors to act – it must be visible and easy to spot on your landing page. Your visitors shouldn’t look for information for too long.

Proper CTA design will be a solution to attract users’ attention and let them act faster. In addition to the copy, the background color of the button can make the users focus faster on CTA. The fewer difficulties, the less disappointed visitors. Simplicity, proper design and directness of CTA will bring focus on what’s significant and will reduce unnecessary distractions.


5. Direct therapy

The first aid rule number one is directness. The same rule applies to healthcare landing page ultimate goal – to deliver information promptly and precisely. Don’t let your landing page user get confused. Visitors should easily find the information they’re looking for and should be directly lead to the point of their interest.

Whether it is setting an appointment in a medical facility, purchasing medical products or signing up for a medical event, users should easily find the information and take simple steps to reach the end and be satisfied with your landing page service. Focus on facilitating your landing page so visitors may take instant actions according to their interest. If you run a medical facility, focus on making contact form easy and simple to fill.

Do not overload forms with too many fields – instead, try building funnels in order to lead the visitors smoothly and directly where they need to get. Don’t let them get lost or be misguided.

giphy (1)

How can you use this good practices to create the best healthcare landing page?

According to the fact that the number of people searching for health-related information is overwhelming, do your best to provide the most reliable information to your recipients. In theory, each landing page should obey this rule, but the healthcare topic is a special case.

People tend to rely on Internet search results in this particular issue. For those who are looking for professional help, medical facility or any other healthcare-related thing, this landing page of yours should provide clear, valuable and necessary information.

Examples of healthcare landing pages doing a good job

To help you implement these tips we present examples of healthcare landing pages doing a good job according to landing page design, user experience and the actual contents.

Fedorov Restore Vision Clinic


What looks great?

The headline copy clearly says what Fedorov Restore Vision Clinic does, and precisely explains its mission and medical approach. Although landing page design is modest, it definitely refers to clinic’s aim and service.

What could be improved?

Two CTA’ s in the header section is too much. Too many options of actions may distract users and would probably lead to the conversion rate decrease. Instead of using double CTA buttons try to draw users’ attention with a pop up.

Also, the contact forms seem to be a little bit overloaded and too long. The best way would be to build a simple funnel. Don’t let the visitors get confused while filling all those fields at once.

Double check

Double Check 1
Double Check 2

What looks great?

This landing page design is pure, subtle and highly eye-catching. Relevant images and consistent layout make a great first impression. The phone number is a click-to-call. You may set an appointment immediately by connecting via FaceTime or other defined communicator. But – as expected – there is a thorn in this rose…

What could be improved?

CTA button is not as powerful as it should be here. It doesn’t redirect to a pricing plan, timetable, contact form, or anything like it. Also too heavy and overloaded copy may not convince users to read it from cover to cover. The things that are missed here are bullets or simple icons to present the most valuable benefits related to the offer.

Visar Vienna 2019

Visar 1
Visar 2

What looks great?

A high quality image as a cover always looks good. That’s a right move towards drawing visitors attention. Simple icons showing the most important aspects of the event are centered and connected with a black and white photos – this makes a great impression of layout tidiness.

What could be improved?

The header doesn’t show at all that it is a landing page associated with a medical event. Using the events’ full name in a header section will make it more professional. Although “Register now” is a click button, it doesn’t redirect visitor to the registration form.

In fact, a lot of steps have to be taken to sign up for this conference. Too many, that’s for sure. If you need to lead users through a process of selling or registration, try building funnels. This will work in your favor and should not discourage visitors from filling neverending forms.

Harley Medical Group

harley medical 1
harley medical 2

What looks great?

The usage of a large picture and motion in a header is a unique method to draw visitors’ attention and engage them to take any action on a landing page. Headline copy delivers a clear statement about the most popular aesthetic surgery procedure.

The CTA button is redirecting to a page where users get comprehensive information about the topic they are interested in, and where they can book a consultation. This landing page has a clear and subtle design, but couple things could be done differently to make it better when it comes to user experience.

What could be improved?

Less copy and more approachable procedures description may be a cure – a copy seems to be a bit too long for someone who has probably just started searching for information about aesthetic procedures. Adding bullets to highlight the list of features will allow users to skim and quickly learn the information about the procedure they are looking for.


Take control over diabetes

Take control over diabetes

Diabdis 2

What looks great?

The header section is a good example of design and copy relevance with the products and services offered by Diabdis. For those who have searched the solution for their problem, the headline copy gives a direct answer: “Take control over diabetes”. The header also consists of icons showing product benefits – it gives visitors an instant and more precise information about the Diabdis services.

What could be improved?

“+” icon is not convincing enough to click. Instead of the “+” symbol, a highlighted CTA button could draw much more attention. Compelling call to action may lead to an increase of the placed orders for services.

Projekt Zdrowie

We shape good habits

We shape good habits

Projekt Zdrowie 2

What looks great?

Projekt Zdrowie’s landing page makes a great first impression. This nutrition center starts their landing page with a clear and quite memorable copy: “We shape good habits”. It refers to services offered by Projekt Zdrowie.

Simple and straightforward CTA “Make an appointment” navigates directly to the section where a location and timetable information is given – all this to save time of visitors, who make their minds fast.

What could be improved?

For starters: the listing of features and services could be A/B tested. The most important information gets lost in a variety and multitude of graphic elements, and the green background doesn’t help to bring out the main benefits of using the services of this nutrition center.


The best landing pages serve people and deliver what visitors are exactly looking for. No matter if you run a medical facility, sell medical equipment or organize healthcare related event. Pay attention to the fact that the information and the way it is given must be as simple and instant as possible.

Each step visitor makes in a landing page should lead to a solution to their problem, provide tips or meet the visitors requirements in any other way. While creating a healthcare landing page be specific, precise and adjust all needed elements to your audience needs.

So how to build the best healthcare landing page?

You’ve gained some theoretical knowledge from this article, and your next step is to make it real and build your own healthcare landing page. Try using Landingi platform – a very intuitive drag and drop tool to create high converting, well designed and outstanding healthcare landing pages. And remember, let your landing page become the first aid for your visitors – not only a placebo.

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