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Working alone can be successful, but connection makes it more effective

Integrate Landingi with external apps to reach all your goals faster


Using landing pages together with email marketing or CRM platforms makes getting and nurturing leads far more effective. Thanks to seamless integration, the process from the user’s perspective will be just as smooth as before, but you will feel the difference. There are over forty integrations available in Landingi, and the list keeps growing!


Running marketing campaigns without analytics is pretty much a shot in the dark. There’s always a slight chance that it will bring the results you wanted, but spend some time analyzing your efforts and strategy, and the effects will surpass your expectations.
Basic charts are available in the platform, but in order to get more in-depth reports, you’ll need to connect Landingi with analytics tools, like Google Analytics, Kissmetrics or Heap Analytics.


Need information on what visitors do on your landing pages? Connect Landingi with tracking tools such as Facebook Pixel or Google Tag Manager to get all the necessary data without invading anyone’s privacy.


Sometimes coming up with proper target audience is harder than expected, and we all know that a carefully selected target audience can do wonders for our sales. That’s why using targeting software is instrumental in getting more leads in your future marketing campaigns.


Send data from your landing pages to any other place automatically after an event occurs. Save some time and lighten the load of the servers.

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Free 14-day trial. 30-day money-back guarantee.