10 Best Conversion Rate Optimization Courses And Certifications

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best conversion rate optimization courses and certifications
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    In the journey towards digital growth and proficiency, learning about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a critical step. Looking for a course, guide, or CRO training program? We've collected all the key conversion optimization courses in one spot, along with some basic information on their coverage, pricing, certifications, and key takeaways. Delve into our quick overview and decide which ones fit your needs best and deserve to attend.

    We've found the following CRO courses to be the top in the business:


    CRO Category




    Google Analytics Certifications by Google


    SEO Content Writing

    SEO Writing Masterclass by Surfer


    CRO Principles

    Complete Conversion Rate Optimization Course by Ruben de Boer


    Web Design

    Web UX Design for High Converting Websites by Frontend Masters


    Personalization & Audience Targeting

    Personalization & Targeting Course by Dynamic Yield


    Landing Pages

    Landing Page Academy Course by Landingi


    E-mail Marketing

    Email Marketing Course by HubSpot Academy


    A/B Testing

    Become Great at A/B Testing Course by Ton Wesseling (CXL)


    Mobile Optimization

    Mobile Marketing, Optimization Tactics, and Analytics Course by University of California


    SEO Strategy

    Semrush SEO Crash Course with Brian Dean

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      How Long does it Take to Learn CRO?

      A basic understanding of conversion rate optimization can be achieved through introductory courses lasting anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks, while at least a few months are required to be CRO expert. The latter is possible only if you're really determined, keen on learning, and have an opportunity to apply gathered knowledge into practice. At the same time, how lengthy the learning process is depends on your current expertise and the depth of knowledge you're aiming for.

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      How do I Become a Conversion Rate Optimization Expert?

      To become a conversion rate optimization (CRO) expert, you need to follow a structured path of learning, practical application, and continuous skill development in the field. Here are the key steps in the journey you should take to achieve this:

      1. Educational Foundation: Start with a solid educational foundation in marketing or a related field. This can be through formal education like a degree in marketing, business, and data analysis, or through online courses by self-learning from various, up-to-date knowledge sources, including those online.
      2. Specialized CRO Courses: Enroll in specialized CRO courses. These courses should cover a range of topics including A/B testing, user experience design, web analytics, customer psychology, and content optimization. Look for programs that offer a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical application.
      3. Hands-on Experience: Gain hands-on experience. This can be achieved through internships, working for real companies, or even running your own tests on personal or volunteer projects. Practical experience is crucial in understanding how to transform CRO principles into real-world scenarios.
      4. Certification: Obtain a CRO certification. While not mandatory, a certification can add credibility to your expertise and demonstrate your commitment to the field. With certificates, you'll be a desirable candidate for real companies, which can give you loads of experience.
      5. Stay Updated: Keep up with the latest trends & technologies in conversion rate optimization, as well as in digital marketing. Attend webinars, workshops, and conferences. Join professional groups and online communities to network with other professionals and stay informed about the latest developments in the field.
      6. Develop Analytical Skills: Sharpen your analytical skills. A successful CRO expert needs to be adept at analyzing data, interpreting user behavior, and making data-driven decisions. Familiarize yourself with tools like Google Analytics, heat mapping software, and A/B testing tools.
      7. Build a Portfolio: As you gain experience, build a portfolio of your work. Include case studies that showcase your skills in increasing conversion rates, solving complex problems, and achieving tangible results for businesses.
      8. Networking and Mentoring: Network with other CRO professionals and seek mentoring opportunities. Learning from experienced professionals can provide invaluable insights and guidance for further development.
      9. Continuous Learning and Specialization: Finally, engage in continuous learning. As the field evolves, there might be new methods, tools, and strategies emerging. Consider specializing in a particular area of CRO that interests you the most, like e-commerce optimization or mobile conversion.

      10 best CRO courses and certifications

      Below, you find some information on the most beneficial CRO courses and certifications in 2023. Dive in and discover powerful knowledge sources for improving your digital marketing skills with respect to analytics, copy, web design, landing pages, forms, a/b tests, SEO strategy, and audience segmentation as well.

      1. Google Analytics Certifications by Google

      Google Analytics stands as a cornerstone in the realm of conversion rate optimization (CRO), providing essential insights into user behavior and website performance. This certification demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the platform, enabling marketers to effectively analyze data and apply insights to optimize conversion rates.

      Learners can choose the beginner level or one version for advanced users. What's covered in each?

      Google Analytics For Beginners Course includes:

      • Basics of Google Analytics (understanding the interface, basic terminology, and fundamental principles of analytics).
      • Traffic analysis (learning how to track and analyze website traffic sources).
      • Audience insights (gaining insights into visitor demographics and behavior).
      • Basic reporting (creating and interpreting standard reports to understand website performance).

      Advanced Module of Google Analytics Course encompasses:

      • Advanced reporting and data analysis (delving deeper into custom reports, segmentation, and data analysis techniques).
      • Conversion tracking (setting up and analyzing goals and conversion funnels).
      • Event tracking and e-commerce analytics (learning how to track specific user interactions and analyze e-commerce data).
      • Integration with other tools (understanding how to integrate Google Analytics with other tools and platforms for more comprehensive insights).

      The comprehensive skill set acquired from these courses includes mastering the art of data interpretation and application, essential for developing targeted strategies that directly address and enhance the conversion process.

      Duration: 4-6 hours for each version

      Price: Free

      Certificate: Yes

      Google Academy website

      source: https://developers.google.com/

      2. SEO Writing Masterclass by Surfer

      The SEO Writing Masterclass by Surfer is designed as a comprehensive resource for both content managers and writers. It offers over 19 lessons that cover a wide range of SEO-related topics. They comprise (among others):

      • search intent,
      • natural language processing (NLP),
      • keyword research and evaluation,
      • competitor analysis.

      The course provides an in-depth exploration of Surfer’s platform and the intricacies of SEO content writing, leveraging expertise directly from the creators of the platform. Upon completing the masterclass, participants not only receive certification in Surfer but also gain the confidence and skills to effectively implement their newfound knowledge in refreshing and enhancing their content marketing strategies.

      Duration: 8 Hours

      Price: Free

      Completion certificate: Yes

      conversion rate optimization course on SEO writing

      source: https://surferseo.com/

      3. Complete Conversion Rate Optimization Course by Ruben de Boer

      The Complete Conversion Rate Optimization Course is offered on Udemy, an online learning and teaching platform that offers a vast array of digital marketing courses and training programs, many of which are closely related to conversion rate optimization.

      The course by Ruben de Boer is an all-inclusive one covering all issues that matter in the business. Of course, as the subject is vast, individual topics are not covered as thoroughly as in the courses dedicated specifically to them. This course is great for those who need to have a big picture on conversion optimization: the key ideas related to the concept, techniques, tools, trends, and so on.

      The weak spot is the lack of conversion optimization training possibilities (quizzes, tests, etc.). Also, some more real-world examples would be beneficial.

      The course curriculum includes:

      • optimization research based on data, users, science, and the company's expertise,
      • understanding of website visitors (e.g., personas and psychology behind it),
      • websites analyzing and identifying conversion killers,
      • performing successful A/B tests to uncover the best solutions,
      • acquiring reliable data and some data science basics.

      Duration: 8 hours

      Price: $10

      Completion certificate: Yes

      complete conversion rate optimization course by Udemy

      source: https://www.udemy.com/

      4. Web UX Design for High Converting Websites by Frontend Masters

      This one is a comprehensive program focusing on practical techniques in writing, marketing, design, and optimization to enhance website conversions while avoiding manipulative practices known as dark patterns​​.

      The course agenda includes:

      • four pillars of conversion,
      • utilizing psychological principles in a non-manipulative way,
      • encouraging action,
      • design perception and guiding user interaction.

      The course is comprehensive, covering copywriting, marketing, user interface design, broader UX design, and some aspects of development. It's designed to provide the necessary skills to create compelling websites applicable to any sector, from small businesses to international brands​.

      Duration: 5h

      Price: Within paid subscription on Frontend Masters ($39 per month)

      Completion certificate: No

      advanced conversion rate optimization course for cro specialist

      source: https://frontendmasters.com/

      5. Personalization & Targeting Course by Dynamic Yield

      The course provides an in-depth journey through the crucial elements and procedures for creating a more individualized experience. It provides in-depth knowledge on creating and targeting audiences, which should be the first step of every professional marketing campaign. Skipping it may result in poor conversion rates.

      This course is based on a few well-elaborated articles addressing each important aspect. The full agenda covers the following issues:

      • opportunity cost related to personalization,
      • roles and structure of an agile personalization & optimization team,
      • creating a personalization framework,
      • segmentation and targeting the audiences,
      • determining the most valuable customer segments,
      • translating personas into profiles for segmentation,
      • one-to-one targeting with affinity-based personalization, designing strategy for omnichanel personalization at scale, the impact of popups, overlays and interstitials on SEO, ongoing testing culture

      The course ends with a compelling case study of Fjallraven, a renowned Swedish outdoor equipment company that elevates its conversion rates and click-through rates mainly through tailored recommendations and messaging.

      Duration: 6-7 hours

      Price: Free

      Completion certificate: Yes

      conversion optimization via personalization and targeting course

      source: https://www.dynamicyield.com/

      6. Landing Page Academy Course by Landingi

      The course is a true treasure trove of knowledge about landing pages, their creation, components, and also how to use them in marketing campaigns and improve conversion rates. It also details common mistakes that can ruin conversion rates.

      Start Course


      A fourth part, consisting of a few lessons, is fully dedicated to optimization, yet the subject is also addressed in lessons about using landing pages and exploiting them in advertising campaigns. The most relevant issues on the agenda are as follows:

      • writing convincing copy on landing pages,
      • building a high-converting form,
      • optimizing landing pages after publication,
      • tracking results and making assumptions,
      • checking and improving the page speed,
      • making landing pages lighter and better-looking,
      • utilizing A/B tests,
      • monitoring and analyzing visitors' behavior,
      • driving traffic,
      • lead nurturing.

      Duration: 2 days

      Price: Free

      Completion certificate: Yes

      conversion rate optimization on landing page course

      Source: landingi.com

      7. Email Marketing Course by HubSpot Academy

      Another free conversion rate optimization course is by HubSpot. Conversion in email marketing refers to the moment a recipient takes a desired action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a service, as a result of an email campaign. Optimizing conversion rates in that field ensures that the marketing strategy is reaching a wide audience and compelling them to act, thereby maximizing the ROI.

      This CRO course includes 9 lessons, 31 videos, and 9 quizzes concerning points listed below:

      • e-mail marketing strategy principles,
      • the significance of segmentation and contact management,
      • permissions and deliverability,
      • personalization and automation,
      • role of copy and design,
      • encouraging actions to convert visitors,
      • designing relevant A/B tests and drawing conclusions.

      Duration: 4 hours

      Price: Free

      Completion certificate: Yes

      conversion rate optimization course in e-mail marketing

      source: https://academy.hubspot.com/

      8. Become Great at A/B Testing Course by Ton Wesseling (CXL)

      In digital marketing, A/B testing's role is to provide a scientific approach to comparing different marketing elements. This approach is crucial for optimizing conversions as it reveals which version of a marketing message, layout, or call-to-action is more successful in compelling the audience to take the desired action, thus enhancing the conversion rate.

      This course gives you a better understanding of various aspects but lacks a training program to turn theory into practice.

      Here is the agenda:

      • identifying areas to run experiments,
      • formulating data and psychology-based hypotheses,
      • designing A/B tests,
      • timing,
      • measurement & conversion data tracking,
      • making significant deductions,
      • scaling tests in digital marketing.

      Duration: 6 hours

      Price: $299

      Completion certificate: Yes

      course on how to perform a/b test for digital marketer

      source: https://cxl.com/

      9. Mobile Marketing, Optimization Tactics, and Analytics Course by University of California

      The course is available on Coursera, one of the leading educational and online learning platforms. The role of mobile optimization in digital marketing is to adapt content, design, and website structure for mobile platforms, thereby enhancing user engagement and conversion potential. This is increasingly important today as mobile usage escalates rapidly.

      This CRO course encompasses:

      • basics of a mobile marketing strategy,
      • tips on how to increase sales by enhancing customers's UX in mobile apps,
      • website optimization.

      Duration: 11 hours

      Price: Free

      Completion certificate: Yes

      mobile conversion optimization course for digital marketers

      source: https://www.coursera.org/

      10. Semrush SEO Crash Course with Brian Dean

      The Semrush SEO Crash Course with Brian Dean is a comprehensive online course designed to provide a solid foundation in SEO techniques and strategies. Taught by Brian Dean, a renowned SEO expert and the founder of Backlinko, this course is ideal for those new to SEO or overwhelmed by the abundance of SEO content available online.

      The following issues are addressed:

      • intro to SEO,
      • keyword research,
      • creating SEO-optimized and engaging content,
      • backlinking strategy,
      • tracking SEO results

      Duration: 2-3 hours

      Price: Free

      Completion certificate: Yes

      conversion rate optimisation in SEO course by Semrush

      source: https://www.semrush.com/

      What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

      Chris Goward defines in his book conversion rate optimization as the science and art of getting more revenue-generating actions from the same number of visitors (You should test that. Conversion Optimization for More Leads, Sales, and Profit, 2013). CRO involves various techniques, including A/B testing, user experience improvements, and analyzing user behavior to understand what motivates conversions. Essentially, CRO encompasses both the strategic evaluation of user interactions and the practical adjustments to web design and content to enhance overall conversion efficiency.

      How to Optimize CR with Landingi?

      Once you acquire the necessary expertise in conversion optimization, you will need tools to make your CRO journey more serious. Tools are media that allow you to turn your knowledge into action. There are many soft you will need, but I'd like to mention one that combines the functions of many others. As Landingi is not only a landing page builder but also a comprehensive digital marketing platform to plan, manage, and track whole campaigns.

      In Landingi, you can build outstanding pages (landing pages but also onepages, microsites, etc.) with no coding skills. You can base on hundreds of customizable templates or simply start from scratch and unleash your creativity. If you need many pages, you will benefit from Smart Sections (ready to be activated on different pages with one click), duplication option, and dynamic content (changed automatically depending on user parameters). Not to mention advanced design options like sliders, counters, or AI-background cropping.

      At the same time, in Landingi you can:

      • create copy and SEO relevant to your audience with AI assistance,
      • measure and analyze the performance of your pages using EventTracker, which gives you detailed data on user behavior (clicks, scrolls, views, payments, etc.),
      • A/B test different landing page versions (e.g., with two different headlines, buttons, or hero images) to choose a better-converting one.

      All of the above is about conversion rate optimization and bringing to your business more tangible outcomes.

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