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What are funnels in digital marketing?

A funnel used as a marketing term is a set of steps the visitor takes to become your customer. Creating a funnel is
the simplest way to attract users, convince them to become leads, and make them purchase your product.

What types of funnels exist?

  • Marketing funnel – an expert strategy that involves a variety of marketing tactics depending on where the user is in their buyer’s journey.
  • Conversion funnel –  extremely focused on personalization and perfectioning customer purchasing journey basing on customer feedback.
  • Sales funnel – a prolongation of a marketing funnel impacting on whether you make profit or not. Sales funnel allows you to slightly push your visitors to purchase from you.

What are the benefits of sales funnels?

  • Boosting sales – an obvious but crucial point. Sales funnels are created to increase sales and inspire trust.
  • Identifying problem areas – funnels may help you identify and track the problem areas and then fix them.
  • Automation of sales process – as sales funnels are easily automated you can benefit from that by saving time and efforts.

Let’s have some fun!

If you are in need of having more than one form on your landing page, funnels are just the thing you seek. Building them in our platform is simple and intuitive – just like landing pages!

What can come in handy?

300+ templates

Choose from plenty of our fully customizable landing page and pop up templates tailored to suit your customers, products, services and campaign goals.

Combining landing pages together

Connect landing pages easily in Landingi platform to create a funnel that fits the bill. There is no limit of landing pages you can connect by using funnel functionality in our platform.


Funnels in Landingi platform may be integrated with third-party tools. If you are i.e a MailChimp user and prefer to send collected leads directly to an external app, you can set an integration.

Choose templates for each step of your funnel

Recruitment Landing Page 3
Recruitment Pop up 3
Recruitment Mobile Page 3
Recruitment Landing Page 2
Recruitment Popup 2
Recruitment Mobile 2
Recruitment Landing Page 1
Recruitment Popup 1
Recruitment Mobile Page 1
Automotive contact popup
Automotive mobile LP 3
Automotive LP Template 2
Automotive Discount Popup
Automotive Mobile LP
Automotive Landing Page
Advertising landing page example
Advertising popup example
Advertising mobile page
Newsletter Ecommerce LP
Newsletter Ecommerce Popup
Newsletter mobile page
Entertainment LP
Entertainment popup
Entertainment mobile
Entertainment landing page
Entertainment lp pop up
Entertainment landing page

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