Grow Your Email List, Target the Right Audience

Build landing pages that help your business collect email addresses — but don’t let those email campaigns flounder in customer inboxes. Use tailored landing pages to turn email clicks into engaged customers.
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Grow Your Audience

Utilize landing pages as lead capture opportunities. Create forms that gather information necessary to analyze and segment your audience, such as name, industry, and email address.

Build Email Marketing Campaigns From Gathered Leads

Our platform helps keep track of conversions and landing page visitors, so you can use that information to create new campaigns that target just the right audience.

Streamline the Experience with Tailored Landing Pages

From opening an email campaign, to clicking a link, to landing on a site, customers should have a consistent experience. Landing pages will streamline the journey, keeping customers engaged right from that first click.

  • Match the look of email campaigns with images, color schemes, and fonts
  • Use templates or unique, original designs
  • Optimize for specific branded products, events, giveaways, or offers

Customize and Track Specific Campaigns

Our landing page builder is easy to use, making custom and personalized landing pages just a couple of clicks away. Build new ones for different campaigns, and then use our marketing integrations to track their success. Test different variations to optimize workflow and get the best results.

Optimize for Mobile

How many emails are opened from mobile devices these days? Create fast and responsive mobile landing pages so customers can browse offers quickly from their smartphones.

“We used to outsource all of our landing pages because we didn’t have a web developer in our team. Now we can make them independently, easily and quickly. ”

Olga Szmigielska
Digital Marketing Project Manager at Sony Music

Revamp Your Email Marketing

Gather email addresses, grow your audience, and build your own personalized, message-matched landing pages with Landingi.
14-day free trial. Cancel anytime.