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Expand the scope of your actions

Your large-scale operations need a large-scale-friendly environment
Implement these features in our editor to get the most out of your work


Instead of having multiple people all use your account, add subaccounts and grant access to other members of your team according to their input role.
It is much more cost-effective than getting a new account, and it allows the whole team to use the full spectrum of your account.

Team roles

Your work is a team effort, and this means you need to divide tasks and responsibilities accordingly. That includes granting access to the appropriate parts of your landing page editor to other users.
The user roles feature has been created with teams in mind. You can assign different access levels, depending on the range of actions you want each team member to be able to perform.
It ensures an improved structure of the company workflow.

Audit logs

Keep control of your actions. With the use of this feature, you will know exactly which landing pages have been published, what changes were made and who logged into the platform. Audit logs are useful from the progress monitoring and security standpoints.

Custom resource library

You could rely on our template and image libraries, or you could expand your design capabilities by utilizing the images and templates of your own. The Agency plan give you the option to compile your own libraries.
On top of that, the libraries you have created can be shared with your subaccounts, whether it’s team members or your customers.

Platform customization

Having your own landing page platform is a great thing, but that takes a long time to build and optimize, and the costs are usually too high to make such an endeavor a viable option for agencies.
Our solution is to customize our platform so that it features your logos and is run by your team on the domain of your choice.
You save time and resources, and your customers get to use a well-tested and intuitive platform. Everybody wins.

Customize, assign and manage roles to improve cooperation

Free 14-day trial. 30-day money-back guarantee.