Test the landing page and improve campaign results!

A/B tests in Landingi app will help with optimization of the landing page and achievement of better campaign results

A/B tests are an optimization method that helps find the most effective combination of the landing page. They allow for testing any elements you wish, e.g. texts, buttons, pictures, forms.

You can also create A/B/X tests, that is compare a few variants of the landing page. As a result, you will receive an optimal look of the page and increase the effects of the campaign.

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Use A/B tests to compare two versions of the landing page and check which one brings better results.

The collected information is an important source of knowledge about the preferences of your customers, which can be utilized in subsequent campaigns. Don’t guess, test!

Results of the tests are registered regularly, therefore, you can constantly observe effects of the campaign and modify it at any time you wish.

Don’t waste time and check how changing one element on the landing page can increase your profits!

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