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Drag & drop

Landingi editor lets you arrange whatever you create in an easy, yet effective way. Drag your idea and drop a ready-to-use element!

Everything adjustable

Each element you add to a landing page or pop-up can be adjusted to your needs. Hit the “Settings” button to change colors, fonts, or styling.

400+ headstart opportunities

The Landingi editor is all about visuals. You don’t need to write a single line of code while working on your pop up or landing page. Just pick one of literally (four) hundreds of templates, type in your content, swap photos, include your logo and you're good to go, faster than ever.


Need some widgets to make things look and work better? Use countdown timers, lightboxes, adjustable forms, and more.

Responsiveness on board

Build pages and pop-ups and be certain that they will look the same on all devices. Check the mobile view and use the "Rebuild" button to make sure everything is in the right place.


Something went wrong and you’ve lost internet connection? We’ve got your back with the Autosave feature! No need to save your progress during the design process.

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“Thanks to Landingi, I get to increase my productivity not just during the creation process, but also because of optimization. It’s my main landing page tool. ”

Guillherme Lacerda da Costa
CEO at Alaska Marketing

“Nice templates you can customize, and a true pixel-perfect WYSIWYG editor means if you can dream it you can build it. ”

Christopher Rush
Account Manager at Off2Class

“Landingi is an easy to use landing page builder. They have many professional templates that you can quickly select and edit for your landing pages. Ease of use to setup and creating pixel-perfect landing pages is what landingi offers. ”

Daniel Tan
Principle Trainer at Empowered Training

“We brought traffic to different landing page creators and Landingi was able to catch more leads than competitors. The support is one of the best and the templates are awesome. ”

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Free 14-day trial. 30-day money-back guarantee.