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Build relevant landing pages and drive your customers right where you want them, increasing conversion from your PPC ads.
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Sending traffic from PPC Ads to a landing page pays off

With targeted landing pages, your paid traffic faces fewer distractions, and everything leads to your chosen CTA. They help pull in more qualified leads, and you get more from your ad spend.

Designs That Fit Your Audiences

Site visitors shouldn’t click through on an ad and wonder, “How did I end up here?” Tailor your landing pages to different ad groups to show visitors exactly what they’re searching for. Pairing them with your PPC ads will create more consistent post-click experiences, and boost conversions.

Decrease Your Cost-Per-Click

Specially built landing pages for your PPC ads can help bring up their quality score. Landing pages will load faster, increase your relevance, improve visitor experience, and ultimately bring down your CPC.


Track Your PPC Campaigns

Don’t just design your campaigns, optimize them. Landingi integrates with marketing and lead tracking tools, so you can keep an eye on campaigns and see which landing pages are of the greatest value. Our A/B/X Testing even lets you try multiple versions to find the best one.

“A fabulous tool that automates all the work of advertising and ads… It allows me to streamline the work of the landing page thanks to dynamic tools that allow quick writing processes, help locate and manage ads, and allow them to automatically reach the right pages. ”

Patrick B.
Sales Marketing Manager

Increase Revenue From PPC Ads

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