Gather your webinar audience with landing pages and popups

Let your audience see you, no matter the distance. Use landing pages, encourage visitors to sign up for your webinar, and watch your virtual audience hall fill with participants.
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Get the very best effects from your webinar!

We can help you with that

Why I’ve gathered you today…

Show your audience what they will discover during the webinar and how it will help them or their business grow.

Just to remind you

Embed a sign up form, allow visitors to join the special mailing list for the interested ones, and send out email reminders before the webinar starts. To do it the most effective way, make use of email marketing integrations available in Landingi platform.

The final countdown

How much time do we have left before the start? It’s clear once you place a countdown timer on your landing page using a drag & drop function.

Templates tailored for webinar signup use case

Education LP
Education popup
Education mobile page
Education webinar LP
Education webinar popup
Education webinar mobile
Webinar education LP
webinar education popup
Webinar education mobile
Financial webinar LP
Financial webinar popup
Financial webinar mobile page

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