Increase work efficiency on a landing page

Seriously smart lead management starts with Landingi.

Gain insights into your entire funnel and see which landing pages work hardest to boost your bottom line.

The thrill of seeing your conversion rates rise

Landingi is packed with tools that let you fine-tune your landing pages until you get the results you deserve. From the top of your funnel to paying clients, we help you get the most out of each lead.


Spend less time sorting your leads.

You’ll be happy to spend less time with those crummy leads that wind up going nowhere,
and more time with winners.

Our lead inbox gives you the tools that will help you more effectively convert leads into customers.

Set up A/B tests to discover exactly which variables are most effective in producing leads that convert into customers.

Set a field format to validate visitors with a pre-defined email.

Anti-spam features so you don’t waste time weeding out clutter from your inbox.

Add slick webhooks to automate event notifications and send the information to a pre-determined address that you set.

Look like a total pro to the outside world.

Landingi lets you set notifications so you can be sure to jump on hot leads as they come in. Or for those rare occasions when you, say, sleep, just set an autoresponder to let prospects know when they’ll hear from you.

No credit card needed.

Automate your landing pag lead notyfications
Automate your landing pag lead notyfications

No headaches thanks to our seamless integrations.

Landingi integrates with your workflow so critical details get done while you focus on building the business. It’s a snap to integrate with solutions like MailChimp, HubSpot, SalesForce and more, and automatically pass leads to almost any email marketing, CRM or other tool you’re using. Or can export all your leads with one click into a csv file or google sheet. Headache free!

No credit card needed.

Automate your landing page hubsport mailchimp salesforce integration

Over 4,000 companies have trusted Landingi

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