When To Use Landing Pages?

April 18, 2018 4 min read Written by: Avatar Jarosław Ściślak
Table of contents
Table of contents

Landing page’s most important purpose is to get leads – contact information of a user. These data are then used in marketing campaign distribution. A landing page is not a regular website. It has no tabs, no subpages and no text walls with every product feature listed and described. Instead, we will find a content focused on one topic: i.e. a discount or a newsletter signup.

Companies build landing pages regularly for a reason, but to maximize the results, they need to know when to use landing pages.

A squeeze pages are being build with a specific action in mind; an action we expect our users to perform. Some of them are free, while the others require payment.

Creating a landing page

Free-of-charge actions

You can use lead magnets on your landing page. Stick to the rule: “Give one, get one.” First, give your visitors something of value and then watch them share their email addresses with you. Let’s see what free actions could a visitor perform on your landing page:

  • Downloading a free file:
    • e-book
    • white paper
    • discount coupon
    • industry report
    • checklist
  • Sign-up for:
    • newsletter
    • webinar
    • conference or another event
  • Sign-in to a service or a website
  • Click-through to another website

Besides, we can use a landing page to:

  • product presentation
  • company presentation
  • coming soon page with a timer
  • HR platform, where candidates could upload their résumé in order to take part in recrutation.

Paid actions

Actions that require a payment are much less popular on landing pages. That’s because a landing page is often one of the first users contacts with a brand. This stage of a buyer’s journey is too early to ask for a shopping decision. You can use a landing page to show benefits and key features of an offered solution instead.

What paid actions could user perform?

  • service or product purchase
  • pre-order with a payment
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How to properly use landing pages

Before we start generating leads via a landing page, we should take our time to determine the purpose, expected results and a way of achieving all this.

Trying to persuade visitors to buy a product on a landing page level may seem a bit too aggressive for our users and result in a discouragement. But if we use our landing page to show our future clients, what they would get with our solution, we can get what we want. And that means: leads.

“The relationship between user and brand is much more important, because – if it’s strong enough – a customer ends up as a loyal customer.”

Landing Page in a long shot

Now it’s the time to think about CRM – Customer Relationship Management. It means forming and maintaining a bond between brand and its customers. This is one of the pillars of the modern marketing, showing us that selling a product doesn’t have to be the most important goal at all times. Also, the moment of purchase isn’t the last stage of a buyer’s journey. The relationship between user and brand is much more important, because – if it’s strong enough – a customer ends up as a loyal customer.

Apart from that, a short-term goal of a landing page is still a conversion: purchase, event signup, free trial registration and so on. Assuming that your landing page marketing campaign had been targeted properly, high conversion rate on it will be more effective than in traditional campaigns.

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