How to add my domain to my Landingi account


To have your Landing Page assigned to your own domain, you have to, at first, add it to your account:

1. Log into Landingi platform and go to Domains tab (1). Then, click Add domain (2).


2. Enter the name of the domain you want to add and click on Add button. It can be:

  • root domain (e.g.
  • subdomain (e.g.

3. You will see the window with the detailed manual of DNS records that you have to enter in the admin panel of your domain.


4. From now on your domain will be visible on your account by several minutes. After entering the DNS records correctly, you will be able to use your domain to publish your landing pages.


To sum up:

  • add domain/subdomain to your Landingi account
  • redirect domain/subdomain on our servers following the steps above (the other possibility is to use the WordPress plugin)
  • publish your landing page on your own domain/subdomain
  • start the campaign
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