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Make your business website become one of the best website design examples

January 29, 2020 Sylwester Karnuszewicz 8 min read
Sylwester Karnuszewicz

Do you know that

90% of people have left a website because it was badly designed

(according to Hubspot study)? This statistics only emphasizes the importance of web design in today’s online business world. It is said to be one of the most essential factors determining whether you outperform your competitors and be the chosen one by your target audience.

Once you read this articles you will know:

  • how website design has evolved,
  • how website design looks like today,
  • what are the best website design principles,
  • where to find website design templates.

Website design in the past

Website design is quite a fresh field due to the fact that the history of web pages is fresh as well. A few years back creating websites was focused just on providing information but it has evolved significantly over the past few year taking another direction. In the past all you needed to create a useful website was a notepad or a simple editor html where you put appropriate code, a few animated gifs and voila – a site was ready. At that time no one really cared about usability or experience of users.

However, the technology progress has turned the Internet world upside down making the it the most important player of all times and giving more importance to websites and their quality. Along with the expansion of Internet usage website features such as appearances, functionalities and purposes of creating have all dramatically changed as well.

Web page design today

These days web designing is a compound and powerful domain. It is strictly connected with UX (User Experience) and it impacts on generating leads, building trust and brand awareness. Web designers work primarily on appearance and layout (sometimes also on content). They have to take care of colors, font, images, structure and categorization of information on websites. High quality web designing means that web pages are easy to use, functional, nice-looking, uncluttered and tailored to the needs of a given audience and a specific type of business.

In the old days website design was primarily focused on desktops but now, with the abundance of smartphone and tablet users, mobile and tablets adjustments have become equally or even more crucial than desktop ones. According to comScore “Mobile devices now account for nearly two out of every three minutes spent online” what makes it definitely not an issue to neglect.

Best website design principles

As mentioned, web design can significantly assist you in improving your business performance and outperforming competition. Your business website is the face of your entire business and in many cases it is the first point of contact of you and your potential customers. According to Adobe “Given 15 minutes of time, 59 percent of people will read or browse through something beautifully designed rather than something plain and boring”. Being aware of this fact make sure that both your homepage and landing page follow the best website design practices as otherwise you may demolish your brand.

Mobile devices now account for nearly two out of every three minutes spent online #rwd #landingpages

web design principles


Many people wrongly think the more the better. However, undeniably it has no use when it comes to web page design. In order to be appealing for visitors, you need to make it tidy, easy to navigate instead of full of unnecessary elements. Otherwise, it will be overwhelming for them and they won’t neither convert nor purchase anything from you.


Another key principle when it comes to web design is consistency. If individual elements on your business web page don’t fit together it will automatically has an unprofessional look. In order to avoid this faux pas you (or your web designer) should plan a font you use, sizes of headings and subheadings or button styles. Even though it seems trivial it plays a vital role for positive perception of your business and brand.


Regardless of a top-notch design of your business website, nobody will appreciate it unless it provides them with valuable information. What you should do is familiarize yourself with keywords associated with your niche, meta-data or visually attractive typography. This way you enable your target audience to find you and present them information in the most readable and tidy way.

Mobile usability

As mentioned – in old days desktop appearance was the king but in the era of smartphones and tablets web design has changed. Nowadays loads of people prefer to surf the Internet on their mobile devices and it results in the necessity of adjusting your business website to various types of screen. If you pass over this aspect your risk losing dozens of potentially interested candidates. Therefore – make sure your website has a responsive design and adapts to all types of screen.

Colors and images

Choosing colors and images is also a key element of creating high quality web designs. However, like in every other area, you need to strike the right balance as too much images or inappropriate colors used may lead to distraction. You should choose matching not flashy colors in order to avoid trashy unprofessional look. Also – along with appropriate colours should go high quality images – choose the ones that will make your web page look competent and appealing for visitors.

Excellent pagespeed

Affects your website


There is nothing more frustrating than waiting ages for a page to load so don’t do it for your visitors. Don’t ever underestimate the importance of loading. If you do – you risk losing customers who will escape to websites that are more user-friendly. According to BlueCorona study “47 percent of people expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less” and to infront webworks “increasing your website loading speed can prevent the loss of 7 percent of possible conversions”. Therefore, it truly matters, doesn’t it?

47 percent of people expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less


The last but definitely not least is communicativeness. You need to make sure that your business website provides visitors with information in an organized and easy to understand way. If you make use of headings, subheadings, bullet points and avoid large blocks of texts you will distribute content in most user-friendly way and the odds that visitors spend more time on your website are in your favour.

Web design templates

As you can see web designing is quite a compound field. In order to design web pages of high quality you need to remember about a number of nuances, concepts and ideas what may be quite troublesome especially if you are a newbie. Luckily, more experienced web designers have facilitated a process and prepared dozens of web design templates to be found online.

Whether you are going to create a homepage, a landing page or a product website you can find all types of templates online. They can turn out to be extremely helpful, especially if you do this for the first time. They will show you exemplary practices and you can be sure you won’t omit any crucial element.

Another solution here is to use a website builder. It usually have a drag-and-drop function, pre-built templates and all necessary components which altogether make the process simple and carefree. One of the most frequently used builder is a landing page builder as landing pages are widely used in marketing when it comes to increasing conversions and building trust. They usually have a 14 day free trial what gives you plenty of time to create your dream landing page adjusted to your type of business.

As you can see web page design is not a trivial subject when it comes to online business. One of the most important things is not going over the edge with elements and fancy look – simple, uncluttered, easy do navigate and usable websites are highly appreciated both by customers and search engines. Think what elements are crucial and what kind of appearance will be the most suitable for your business. This way you can be sure that your web design will be appealing and it will help your business thrive.

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