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Landing page definition

A landing page is an online marketing term. It refers to a specific kind of a web page, created solely for marketing campaign purpose. Users arrive at a landing page after clicking a link, which usually appears in an advertisement.

What is a landing page and how do you use it? Usually, it’s a standalone page made to collect leads – visitors’ contact information. To gather a lead, you need to offer free resource in exchange, i.e., a guide in PDF file, a discount for one of your products or a free trial of your service. It’s called a lead magnet. After earning visitors interest, you need to channel it towards the conversion, which usually means filling the form on a landing page.

Landing page definition wouldn’t be complete without a word on forms. This is the very core of a landing page – information gathered in the form (usually at the bottom of your page) are the most conclusive outcome which you can use to assess effectiveness of your landing page.

In conclusion, landing pages are far more efficient than standard websites, because they are focused on one purpose. They also affect analytics positively, for it’s really easy to track landing pages’ performance.


How to create a landing page?

Creating a landing page is not a complicated process, but there certainly are some things that needs to be done if you want your landing page to be effective and good-looking. To begin, you’ll need your Landingi account, information about a product or service you want to advertise, and up to few hours of your time. That’s pretty much it!

To make it as easy as it gets, we should split the landing page creation process. There are three major aspects of a landing page websites: Visuals, Content and User Experience. None of them is more important than the others, all are extremely significant for the overall performance of your landing page. Let’s learn to use them better.

Landing page good practices

Effective landing page must always follow these good practices:

Aim at a single, well-planned goal, such as buying a product, filling out a form, or downloading a file.

Use clear Call to Action, such as 'Fill the form' or 'Buy now'.

Your landing page design should be simple with a clear message.

Use short and concise copy, written in the language of values and benefits.

Do not use elements that can distract the visitor from completing the action.

Omit the standard website navigation menu.

What is a Landing Page benefits

The benefits coming from using landing pages

Landing page definition states that it’s a simple, single website that contains an extension of an advertisement or search result, which directed the user to the landing page. It’s the simplicity that makes a landing page performs better than a regular website. A well-designed and well-written landing page:

  • keeps the visitors’ attention on the right track,
  • returns higher conversion rate in advertising campaigns
  • encourages visitors to take specific actions
What is a Landing Page benefits

Landing page – accessibility and usability

The effectiveness of an advertising campaign depends on whether the visitor (a potential customer) has acquainted with the message prepared for them. Therefore, the most important challenge for the landing page is its accessibility to the visitor.

Landing page definition includes a simplicity factor, which means that landing pages must load quickly (to keep users’ attention) and look great even on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). This ensures that our budget is issued optimally, providing the greatest possible return on investment (ROI).

What is a Landing Page accessibility and usability

Landing page optimization – testing and conversion rate

An answer to a “what is a landing page” question isn’t as easy as it seems. This is why landing pages are still objects of testing for many marketers. They raise conversion rates and apply gained know-how in the next steps through constant testing. Landingi platform allows you to compare created landing pages in two ways:


A/B tests

preparing two landing page versions, that differ from each other with only one thing, such as the color of a button. The test ends after selecting a winning variation, which is put to further optimization.


Multivariate test

You can modify more than one element in your landing page variation. These tests may be faster than A/B testing, but do not allow you to answer the question – which specific change influenced the improvement of conversion rate.

Landing Page Builder

Marketing campaigns are geared to generate maximum number of customers. That’s why the landing page should both increase the conversion rate and automate the work of its owner. Since you already know what is a landing page, it’s time to build your own in Landingi – an easy, drag and drop landing page builder.

What is a Landing Page landingi platform

Landingi platform

Landingi allows you to seamlessly integrate your landing page with 3rd party tools you are using every day:

What is a Landing Page landingi platform

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