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Kick off with your video content strategy

January 27, 2020 Sylwester Karnuszewicz 9 min read
Sylwester Karnuszewicz

Although when asked about their video content strategy a significant number of online entrepreneurs just shrug their shoulders, the fact is that over the past few years videos have become an essential part of every decent digital marketing strategy.

A few years back the content marketing has been dominated by SEO-friendly, neat engaging articles and pretty attention-grabbing images. In spite of the fact they both are still highly prominent tools, videos have taken the stage and these days they are desired by customers a fortiori.

Just in 2018 the Hubspot study showed that 54% of customers expect video content from a brand or business they support. And since that time videos have become even more important and have completely dominated social platforms.

Once you read this article you will know:

  • what is video content strategy,
  • how to build video content strategy,
  • how to make a video,
  • how to make a video online.

What is video content strategy?

The concept itself is not a state-of-the-art thing. However, what is a brand new about it is the importance of it on every channel and platform. The video content has been in the marketing industry for long years now and it is a marketing strategy that takes advantage of videos in order to promote and market both products and services, boost engagement on digital and social platforms, educate potential customers and reach new groups of potential leads.

54% of customers expect #video content from a brand or business they support. #learnwithLandingi

These days, video content strategy is more important than ever due to the fact that an increasing number of people prefer watching videos online than watching TV. 33% of people admit they spend their surfing Internet time watching videos and 81% of people admit that they were convinced to purchase something after watching a video what makes it highly promising tool for marketers.

video marketing data

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33% of people admit they spend their surfing Internet time watching videos and 81% of people admit that they were convinced to purchase something after watching a #video. #learnwithlandingi

How to build video content strategy?

Being aware of the importance of video content strategy let’s move on to building your own strategy that will help your online business thrive. There are numerous steps in order to create a highly effective and engaging video content strategy. Once you follow them all you can be sure that your video content strategy is state-of-the-art and it can bring value to your business.

Step 1: Start with your videos goals

Think about the purpose of creating videos and what messages you will try to convey to potential customers. The intention of the videos here is the key and you need to clearly define on what grounds you want to kick off with video creation and what business goals are behind it.

Step 2: Find your target audience

Try to define your target audience. Since the final appearance and message you put in the video is influenced heavily by recipients of your videos, you need to know exactly who you talk to. It will facilitate you to speak in the right way in the right words showing them what they want and need to see.

Step 3: Figure out what story you want to tell

Once you know the purpose of your videos and target audience you need to put a nice story behind it all that fits into your online business type, a message you want to convey and people you want to address to. A story is the key element of any video and will impact heavily on the final outcome and your overall video marketing strategy so give it a thought and try to come up with something outstanding.

Step 4: Stick to your timeline

Video content strategy starts right from planning an entire production up to video distribution what makes it quite long and compound process. It is advisable then to set a timeframe for as it guarantees that you stay motivated and also can serve as a guiding light showing you what exactly was already done and what needs to be taken care of.

Step 5: Maintain a realistic budget

If you don’t create videos on your own and hire specialists or use paid tools, remember about maintaining a realistic budget. Determine how much you can afford to pay for your video creation and don’t go over the limit.

As you can see the same concept of video content strategy is a crucial and highly helpful element before you start recording anything. It is awesome to have dozens of video ideas in your head. However, in business –  conceptual work is as valuable as hands-on one. Once you determine all your goals, target audience, timelines, budget and tools you can kick off with your videos.

How to create a video?

In the old days video creation used to be far more simple than it is today. However, with the expansion of Youtube (today, according to bufferapp, more than 500 million hours are spent on YouTube each day) quality, effects, sound and creativity of the videos have entered a new level. The competition among video makers is fierce. It makes it very easy to stay behind the competitors who come up with unusual video ideas to surprise their viewers and show them they are on the top.

Video creation can be broken into a few steps:

  • plan your video – you have done similar thing when you were coming up with video content strategy but now it is time to think about a goal of this specific video you are going to create. Think about your target, whether you want to increase brand awareness or launch a new product, when or want to release or or how much money you need to create it,
  • script your video – once you know what your video is all about it is time to come up with a detailed script. Start doing that with defining the key points and putting them in logical order,
  • understand and use your cameras – fear of uncertainty and using cameras usually discourages online entrepreneurs to record video. And that is a huge faux pas as these days you can create a high quality video even with your smartphone. Choose a tool you know and get to know its power,
  • set up your studio – once you have a plan, a script and a tool you need right environment. Try to shoot a video in the most appropriate place with right props in the background and with good lighting.
  • shoot a video – prepare everything cautiously, take a deep breath and just go for it,
  • edit your video – once you have your footage ready it is about time to start editing it. It seems to be pretty complex issue at first and you might feel overwhelmed but don’t worry. There are a lot of options for video editing applications and programs for all kinds of skills levels, operating systems and budget. Get around and choose the most suitable for you.

As mentioned, these days consumers expect high quality and professional videos. However, if you don’t aspire to be a famous Youtuber and all you need is just a short promotional,  introductory or conversion-boosting video you can simply create it online. Once you prepare a solid video content strategy you can kick off with them. And you don’t need any specialist to bring them into existence.

How to make a video online?

In order to make a video online you don’t any programming or technical skills and all you need is just access to Internet. You can easily find online platforms than are specifically designed to make you a master of video production.

They are very similar to website builders (like for example landing page builders offered by Landingi) and they make whole creation process highly intuitive and easy to go through. They have a drag-and-drop function, pre-built templates and they won’t let you overlook any necessary element when creating your own online video.

You can upload images, music or insert captions wherever you want. If you don’t know how to use them in the first place they usually offer a various types of tutorials which can result to be extremely helpful. Once you get around you are able to create various types of promotional videos and make your online business thrive and customers more engaged.

Summing up, videos in digital marketing world have become extremely crucial and they are said to even gain more power and influence in the future. The expansion of Youtube was the first sign of content marketing makeover and this change hasn’t ended and there is still plenty of room for new video concepts to arrive. So keep your wits about it.

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