Connect landing page with your favorite tools

E-mail Marketing

Increase your online sell with intelligent e-mail automation
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Integration landingi active campaign
Active Campaign
Connect Landingi with Active Campaignto make your funnels more effecient.
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Integration landingi aweber
Grow your email lists by connecting Landingi with AWeber.
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Integration landingi campaign monitor
Campaign Monitor
Personalize your emails with advanced list segmentation.
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Grow your audience with leads from landing pages
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Integration landingi eigo
Send targeted emails to E-goi and convert collected leads into customers.
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Integration landingi freshmail
FreshMail is everything you need to send effective email marketing campaigns
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Integration landingi getresponse
Kick off your email campaigns by sending leads from Landingi to GetResponse.
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Integration landingi mailchimp
Integrate your Landingi account with MailChimp to nurture your leads.
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Integration landingi mailer-lite
Link Landingi with MailerLite to grow your email lists.
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Integration landingi optivo
Send targeted emails to Optivo and convert collected leads into customers.
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Integration landingi sare
Link Landingi with Sare to grow your email lists.
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Integration landingi unisender
Increase your email lists and stay in touch with your prospects.
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Integration landingi amocrm
Link Landingi with amoCRM and send new prospects to your sales reps.
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Integration landingi base
Accelerate sales with Base CRM.
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Integration landingi britix
Improve effeciency of your sales reps by sending them new leads, automatically.
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Integration landingi hubspot
Link Landingi with HubSpot and nurture your leads.
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Integration landingi livespace
Fill your pipelines automatically with Livespace integration.
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Integration landingi pipedrive
Improve effeciency of your sales teams with Pipedrive Integration.
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Integration landingi plug
Connect Landingi with PlugCRM to add new leads to your CRM.
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Combine Landing Page Platform and Sales CRM for top-notch results.
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Integration landingi salesforce
Automation of every marketing and sales process based on our users’ behavioral and transactional profiles.
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Integration landingi zoho
Easy manage your sales with dedicated integration between Landingi and Zoho.
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Integration landingi callpage
Contact your landing page visitors within 28 seconds!
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Integration landingi intercom
Grow your Intercom customer base using landing pages.
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Integration landingi livechat
Link Landingi with LiveChat - the fastest way to help your visitors.
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Integration landingi tawk
Win news customers with real time communication!
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Integration landingi zendesk
Zendesk Chat
Win news customers with real time communication!
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Marketing Automation

Integration landingi salesmanago
Engage your leads by linking Landingi with SALESmanago.
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Analytics & Tracking

Integration landingi adwords
AdWords Conversion Tracking Code
Run successful remarketing campaigns with Google AdWords.
Integration landingi facebook business
Facebook Pixel
Link your landing pages with Facebook and engage your visitors to complete your business goal.
Integration landingi google analytics
Google Analytics
Get insights to better understand your customers and have greater ROI.
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Integration landingi google tag manager
Google Tag Manager
Google Tag Manager is a free and easy-to-use tool that helps marketers control their own code snippets and tags.
Integration landingi heap
Heap Analytics
Understand the behavior of the people who were on your landing pages.
Integration landingi kissmetrics
Dowiedz się, co robią Twoi odbiorcy, dzięki dodaniu Kissmetrics na stronach docelowych.
Integration landingi mixpanel
Track events on your landing pages with ease.
Integration landingi piwik
Understand your audience with Piwik: All-In-One Analytics Platform.
Integration landingi yandex
Yandex Metrica
Know more about your audience and improve your conversion rates with Yandex Metrica.
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Integration landingi facebook tab
Facebook Tab
Let your leads convert while they are on your fanpage.
Integration landingi payment
Payments on your landing pages
Wide range of payment tools like: PayU, Sofort, TPay, Przelewy24 or PayLane
Integration landingi paypal
Make payments easy with PayPal.
Integration landingi webhook
Send data from your landing pages anywhere you need.
Integration landingi zapier
Connect with your marketing stack without bothering IT guys!
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